Since 1982 Evergreen Environments has been providing Greenroofs, landscpe and interiorscape design, installation and maintenance services to the Connecticut and New York markets.


Our skilled designers combine with extensive knowledge and years of experience with state of the art materials and technology to give your environement a unique and appealing appearance.


Evergreen Environments has a dedicated core of professionals that allow us to accomplish even the hardest of tasks without having to worry. Most of our employees have been with us for years and all have experience and are cross trained in all of the trades that we perform. For larger jobs we have access to a cadre of seasonal and part-time co-workers. Many of our part timers have been with us for a long time as well and are also experienced and trained in all our disciplines.


As our name implies, Evergreen Environments offers green solutions to interior office plant & outdoor landscapes . Pesticide free service, organic lawn care, your living and working environments are meticulously maintained as if they were our own.




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